Enhanced Ecommerce Product Detail Views with Variations

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Has anyone yet implemented (or know how to implement) Product View in Google enhanced e-commerce for a Product Detail Page whcih has multipe variations from whcih to select, and which does not load a unique new page per variation selected?

Specifically, when a website has a product detail page whcih allows the customer to select from multiple variations (sizes/colors), and upon selection does not reload the page.

I am trying to determine how to send data from the website to the data layer to support this, for a future change coming to our website where we will have product pages housing multiple variations without reloading upon selection. We currently only send the data layer upon the page load, which would be with the default variation. But if the customer changes variations, should we pass a new variation value, and if so, how? What's the typical approach for this?


Enhanced Ecommerce Product Detail Views with Variations


Hi @Krasner - I'm going to reply in broad concepts to your question, hopefully it helps you arrive at the right solution for your situation.

It seems to me that you'd send the product view for the 'standard' item as normal (upon page load) but then after the visitor has interacted and selected a color combo you might consider sending the info in as an Event by using utag.link(). That probably has to happen quickly since the visitor is likely to click Add To Cart almost immediately, yes?    

Speaking of add to cart, can you capture the variation at that time? But then maybe it will look like the "root" product never gets purchased?  Is that the reall issue?

Looking forward to additional discussion, and I'm sure others will chime in to share ideas and experience as well.