Existing Exit / Opt-in Modal Tags?

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I am looking for existing Tealium tags that may be available to deploy exit / opt-in modal features. These modals appear when a user shows intent to leave the site, typically showing a full-screen pop-up offering a discount or asking about their visit.


An example tag/vendor: http://optinmonster.com/


Thanks for any help in advance.


Existing Exit / Opt-in Modal Tags?

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Hi @tedrem,

If you would like this or any other tag added to the moarket place, I would advise speaking to your Account Manager to raise the request to get it added. Else you can use a custom container to add the tag, https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/Tealium-iQ-Tag-Management/How-to-Tealium-Custom-Container-Tag-wit...


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