Explicit Consent Prompt Manager - Tag to Omit

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Is there a way to default to all tags being omitted, rather than havign to add them one by one in the settings? I know this is an explicit consent prompt but at this point we are not ready to make the cookie consent explicit, we just want to let everyone know we are using cookies.


Explicit Consent Prompt Manager - Tag to Omit

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Hi @mark_jaggers ,

If I understood correctly you are looking to show minimal information, just enough to let the users know you are using cookies and independently want your TAGS to always fire?

You could enable only the "Consent Preferences Dialog" (leave the explicit disabled), and make sure the "Default State" is always ON?



This will allow the tags to always fire on the first initial landing. After that it depends on what the user selects.

I would assume if you are looking to "Omit" all the tags, then you can take the stated approach, and customise the "Consent Preferences Dialog" in a way the user can only "Accept".