Extension inconsistency between browsers

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I am using a jQuery onHandler to grab the value of a form field using this:


Selector: Single selector of field
Trigger On: Blur
Tracking Event: View

Set: XYZ.js To JS Code: jQuery(this).val()


When that is done I put this value in a cookie:

Persist Variable: XYZ.js
Duration: Session
Update: Keep first value set

Condition: XYZ.js is populated
Store in Cookie: utag_main_XYZ

It seems that especially in Google Chrome it sometimes just not always capture the field values, it is rather random on which values it grabs or not.
Same goes for the cookies, It doesnt always set the cookie even though the values are available and populated.

In other browsers such as: Firefox, Edge, Safari Maxthon I couldn't find any irregularities.

Any thoughts?


Extension inconsistency between browsers

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