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Extensions provide different methods of customization for your data and Tags. For users who are not adept at writing or modifying JavaScript code, extensions allow users to make customizations without coding. Once you have added and configured an extension, set the scope of the extension. Scope determines when an extension loads and to which Tags its data is accessible, and it can span anywhere from one Tag to all the Tags that you'd like to fire. When there is more than one extension with the same scope, the order those extensions have in the Extensions tab determines the order in which they load for that scope.You can set the scope to:


  • A specific Tag or group of tags: Extension is available to one tag or group of Tags
  • All Tags: Extension is available to all The tags before the "Load Rules" are processed
  • Pre-loader: Extension is launched before the data layer is processed
  • DOM Ready: Extension is launched after the DOM-ready signal is received

Note: Certain extensions (like E-Commerce, Pathname tokenizer, jQuery onHandler 1.7, etc.) have a pre-set scope.

Extensions Marketplace

The Extensions marketplace houses an array of built-in extensions. This category contains descriptive information and configuration instructions on the pre-built Extensions available in the Tealium iQ™ interface.


Add an Extension

  1. In Tealium iQ, click the Extensions tab.
  2. On the top-right corner of the console, click the 'Add Extension' button.
  3. Select your desired Extension type from the multi-tab menu (see figure above).
  4. Click the plus symbol to add the extension.
  5. Enter a title to identify the extension.
  6. Enter a label to categorize the extension (this step is optional).
  7. Set the scope for the extension.
  8. Configure additional settings pertinent to the extension.

Edit an Extension

Most Extensions are editable directly from the Extensions tab. To change the title for these extensions. In an exception to this rule, the Privacy Manager extension can be configured using the Edit Workflow button.

Duplicate an Extension

  1. In Tealium iQ, click the Extensions tab.
  2. Click on the Extension you want to duplicate, then click the 'Duplicate' button.
  3. Re-configure the Extension based on your preference.

Drop an Extension

  1. Select the Extension that you wish to delete and click 'Delete'.
  2. In the resulting message box, click Drop extension to confirm the deletion.


Deactivate an Extension

  1. Click on the toggle button of the extension that you want to deactivate.
  2. In the resulting message box, click the Deactivate button to confirm.


The "Deactivate" action will only disable the extension; the extension will still be visible in the list.

List of built-in Extensions

Tealium iQ has a large list of built-in extensions already available in the Extensions marketplace. Visit the list of Extensions to see the full list and to learn more about each extension.


Extensions Tab

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Extensions Tab

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Extensions Tab

Extensions Tab

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