Facebook Pixel Tag : Limited Data Use options

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Hi There,

In IQ there are 2 Facebook Pixel offered in IQ.  The Facebook Pixel (legacy) and (assuming new) Facebook Pixel.  Does the new facebook pixel include code for California’s limited data use?  I’m wondering if I simply need to flip my old FB pixel with the new FB pixel or if I have to configure the setting to use FB LDU for user in CA.   


Thanks, John


Facebook Pixel Tag : Limited Data Use options

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Hey John, 

Both the Legacy and New FB Pixel templates show that they support LDU. However, I could not get it to work for anything using the legacy FB template. 

We had to redeploy the FB pixel to get the LDU parameters to work. 

Unless you have a milltion FB pixels, I would just take the time and implement all new FB pixels.

Good Luck