Fire AdRoll tag on modal "popup"

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Hello - first time posting here...  I am able to fire an AdRoll tag with no problem on regular site pages, but today I have the need to fire it when a modal "popup" window is displayed.  The modal window is triggered when the site visitor clicks a button.  


Thanks for any ideas, references, how-to links, etc.!


Fire AdRoll tag on modal "popup"

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Hello @mitchellt. Have you tried this extension?


Hope this helps.

Fire AdRoll tag on modal "popup"

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@Paul - thanks for the quick idea.  That would work nicely for popping a new modal window, but in my case the modal is already opened and I want to fire a tracking tag because the modal window is visible.  


Any other ideas welcome!

Fire AdRoll tag on modal "popup"

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Tealium has an inital page view event that utilizes utag_data.  This is what is currently being used to send data to AdRoll.  However if you want to fire off additional events, you will need to utilize Tealium's utag.view or  You can read more about them here:


Just note that you will need to pass in a new object with the relavant data for that view or link event. 

// here is an example






If you cannot get your web developer to fire the utag.view or events, you can also have Tealium fire the events for you on button click if the site you are working with has jQuery.  The jQuery extension will fire the utag.view or when the user clicks the button.


You can read more about that extension here:



Fire AdRoll tag on modal "popup"

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Hi @mitchellt. Before I get to your question, I wish to clarify whether you want to fire a custom event whenever someone has subscribed from your modal popup window? Or else do you only want the tag to be fired?


I reckon its most probably the former, and in that case you needn't fire the whole tag, let the tag to fire the normal way via load rules. Thereafter you can use a JavaScript extension and write some basic code to trigger whenever see's or clicks on the popup. Inside the function, you need to pass the custom event JS code (which you need to get from AdRoll) and you can verify that its working by checking the request in the Network tab of Chrome Dev Tools.


Prior to going ahead with the implementaiton I suggest you to contact AdRoll and ask them to create and send you the custom event JS snippets.


Hope it helps