Fire SEO Tag in Header

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I have all tags in Tealium firing async and in the body portion but I would like only one SEO tag for blog pages to fire in the header of the website. Is that possible? If possible, does it affect the page load time? And how to approach? 

I got utag.sync.js loaded in the body portion and utag.js in body portion


Fire SEO Tag in Header

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Hi @jmm428377

Tpyically SEO tags do not do well within Tealium because the robots/spiders that crawl sites don't run JS, and JS is needed for Tealium to be able to run and place the tag in the head. 

If this is for other purposes, you should move utag.sync.js to the header and then load the SEO tag within the sync template.

Please let me know if this is what you're looking for.