Fire a tag on all pages after "trigger page" has been visited

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Howdy folks,

I've got a custom tag container for a 3rd party session recording application that I am looking to fire via tealium. I want to use this to analyse any interactions that take place once a customer has reached our registration page, and any interactions they have during their session going forward.

Is there a way of specifying in Tealium that a tag should trigger on a certain page and fire for all pages on that session thereafter?



Fire a tag on all pages after "trigger page" has been visited

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Hey Reuben,

This is definitely possible.

I would suggest the following:

1) Add a Persist Data Values Extension.
2) Set the Persist Value to "true" (no quotes)
3) Set the Duration to "Session"
4) You can leave the Update field to the default "All Update on Page View"
4) Create a new Data Source and select the First Party Cookie Type. Call it something like (reg_visited) or anything that will make sense to you. Select this cookie data source in the "Store In Cookie" Field in the Persist Data Values Extension.
5) Add a condition to the extension that says something like: if page_name equals "registration." I'm not familiar with your site so you will probably have to make your own condition so this only fires on the Registration Page.

6) Add the tag that is needed.
7) Create a load rule that says:

if page_name equals "registration" (Again you will have to alter this to match your registration page condition)

Add an OR condition in the Load Rule

if reg_visited is defined
"reg_visited" cookie equals "true"

On the registration page the load rule will evaluate to true due to the first condition. On this same page the Persist Data Values extension will run and set the "reg_visited" cookie to "true." On subsequent pages after the registration page the second condition in the Load Rule will evaluate to true due to the cookie being set and the tag will continue to fire for that session. Because we selected "Session" for the Duration option in the extension the cookie will be deleted after that session.

Hope this helps.

Fire a tag on all pages after "trigger page" has been visited

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Fantastic, that was a great help Jared. Thank you.