Fire tag only once per visit

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I am trying to tag all iOS users on my site with a RTB tag, so I need to set up the tag to fire only once per visit, or once per visitor if that's possible. Can anybody help me with this? I just noticed this has already been asked one year ago: Is there an easier way than the one explained in the answer?


Fire tag only once per visit

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Tealium now sets a "Session Start" cookie called "utag_main__ss." This is set to "1" on the first page of the visit and "0" on subsequent pages. You can now use this instead of the proposed method in the previously asked questions. Add a Data Source called "utag_main__ss" and set the Type to "First Party Cookie." Use this in the Load Rule to check if the cookie equals "1" (no quotes) NOTE: This requires version 4.26 or later of the utag.js file.

Fire tag only once per visit

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"utag_main__ss" is always getting reset to '0', in no way I can capture '1' using first party cookie.

I am currently using 4.44 version.

Trying to use it in 'load rule' for a DoubleClick Tag.
All the time it is returning '0' by the time tag load rule executes.

Could you let me know, how effectively can we leverage this 'utag_main__ss' value?