Firing Facebook custom conversion events

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Hi everyone,

I am currently experiencing issues with triggering our leads/conversion points on the Facebook dashboard via Tealium.

We have created a Tealium tag registered with our Facebook pixel ID on all pages. Though, the issues are occurring when our custom conversion points are not being recorded correctly within our Facebook ads manager account.

We have applied the same load rules and extensions of which are used across Google and Bing (all of which are firing correctly), however, I am unsure as to why Facebook is failing to pick up when a conversion has been triggered.

Any guidance would be appreciated here,



Firing Facebook custom conversion events

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Tealium Expert


How have you installed the tag? are you doing 1 tag per event, Or 1 tag for all events.

If you do one tag you can use the events in the mapping as showin in the screenshot
Have you also installed the Facebook extension on chrome so you can see if it firing as expected?

We might need to see the setup, if none of this helps.

Damian Savvides