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Flow of Data

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Hello All, 

I have 10 vendor tags in Tealium. So, data from my website first go to Tealium, then tealium sends to different vendors or from my website, the data directly go to vendors?  What is the correct data flow please? Thank You

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Re: Flow of Data

Hey Jmm,


Here is the basic flow of data that I share with my team to help them visualize how this all works. 

When a user visits your webpage, Tealium IQ first checks to see what tags it should load based on your Load Rules in IQ. If any of the load rules are met, tealium then fires off the javascript associated with your tag. 

When that javascript is triggered, data gets sent from your website to your vendor. Technically, the data you send to your vendor does not go though Tealium. Tealium is just the layer that figures out when a tag should be loaded and what data goes to your vendor. 

I hope that helps. Good Luck



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Re: Flow of Data

This might help with the details too:
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