Folderpath Tracking

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Could anyone can help me on the below query asap.


Need to capture the Folderpath (it is collecting every single folder path in abcd site) in any of the event capture variable.


Exmaple: if someone accessing any sites which is having like bread crumb. We need to capture entire navigation till user end of navigation.


Folderpath >> Folderpath1 >> >> Folderpath2 >> Folderpath3 >> Folderpath4 >> Folderpath5 >> File name.


We need to capture till File name in the event capture variable. But we don't required to capture when user navigate till Folder path 2 or Folder path 3 or Folderpath 4.


Expected Ouput:

We need to capture the entire Folderpath name >>> File name (PPT, DOC, XLS etc..) in reporting interface.


Appreciate your help in advance! Thanks!


Folderpath Tracking

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Sorry there is not enough information here for me to provide a full custom solution.  Please open a support ticket and an engineer can work with you on your specific use case.