GA4 - Map parameters to all events not working option not working?

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Like the title says. I'm currently working towards migrating our business from Universal Analytics to GA4 and we have some global dimensions we would like to be able to send to alongside all events (environment, business channel, custom paths, etc.).

I tried mapping mapping my UDO variable to all events using the "Map to all events" option in the Event-specific parameters menu as it is shown here:



However, when the tag mappings are set up this way, using a utag.view( ) or utag.track( ) call wouldn't send the "environment" parameter in the network request.

It's important to mention that when I specifically tell my tag to map the "environment" parameter to the page_view event it would work as expected so it seems like it's an issue with how mapping to all events works.

I was wondering if this has been reported before or if there's some caveats on how this feature works because having to map a global parameter to *all* GA4 events would be time consuming and redudant.

Thanks in advance.


GA4 - Map parameters to all events not working option not working?


Hi @JoaquinV ,

We recently introduced this functionality to solve the exact problem you are describing.

Can you confirm you are on the latest template for GA4? You can use the Tag Status Checker feature to check the version of the template.

This feature is only available in the latest version.

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