GA4 tracking on a headless shopify architecture

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Has anyone on a headless Shopify set up successfully implemented GA4 with TIQ? For the most part, everything seems to be tracking correctly sessions, users, revenue etc except channel attribution is way off - it is heavily skewed towards direct traffic with close to 99% of our transactions coming from the Direct channel.

I'm stumped as to why this is, so wondering if I have missed something in our set up.


GA4 tracking on a headless shopify architecture

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It's hard to know exactly what is being sent without looking at the configuration, but I would try to ensure that the metrics are being sent over that Google needs for the reports. I was able to find the following article regarding attribution in GA4:

If everything is showing as "Direct", it's possible the referrer is not being updated on page changes and the referrer needs to be mapped to the tag instead of using the one Google pulls from the browser. Also, mapping any UTM parameters might help as well to ensure any campaigns are pulled in by Google. 

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