GUA and Angular 1.X triggered on custom event

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We've just added GUA Tracking in our Tealium Tagmanager and Angular 1.X frontend with the provided github project.

The trackings all popup on GA as expected except the page path. Only the entry page url is send to GA and never gets updated during navigation. Page Titles instead are updated on every page change.


I use the "GA Debug" chrome plugin to track GA events sent. The location there is already wrong. Regarding to the docs, location is defined with document.location.pathname. This is immediatly before I trigger my custom event set correctly. Do you have any ideas or hints, how I can get the location updated?


thank you very much!


GUA and Angular 1.X triggered on custom event

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@zanettin I would say your best bet is use a mapping of pathname to location in your GUA config. This will explicitly set the location with the correct path.


Otherwise I would raise a support case:


And one of our support engineers will be able to help trouble shoot this for you.



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