Google Adwords Conversion via link tracking (

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I have to send a conversion on certain events. These events vary and are mostly clicks on buttons which also do some ajax stuff or similar (no page view). My attempt to do this in Tealium was:


Add a "JavaScript Code" extension which adds event listeners for the concerning events and then call{ "event_name":"google_conversion", "google_conversion_label":"xxx"});

Add a "Google AdWords Conversion" tag with a load rule "js.event_name EQUALS google_conversion" and a mapping from google_conversion_label to google_conversion_label.


But this doesn't work, it seems that the conversion tag just reacts on track-events. When I execute 

utag.view({ "event_name":"google_conversion", "google_conversion_label":"xxx"});

it works.


Is there some way to call the conversion on a




Google Adwords Conversion via link tracking (

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The Google Adwords Conversion template does not support events by default. All you have to do is update the template to add link support. Please follow these steps:


1. Click your user name in the top right hand corner of TiQ

2. Click Manage Templates

3. Select the Google Adwords Conversion template from the dropdown

4. Find this line: u.ev={'view':1}; 

5. Update the line to this: u.ev={'view':1,'link':1}; 

6. Click "Save Profile Template"

7. Click Apply

8. Publish to your desired environment


Your event should work now. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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