Google Analytics Product Views Mapping/Trigger

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Bronze Contributor MichaelG

I've been going off of this documentation for Product Views in GA but it appears to be outdated because the tealium drop down does not contain a "detail" option under "Event Triggers". 


I am trying to map certain events a "product_views". I have event_name = [event] and am attempting to trigger the product view event by [event]:detail for enhanced ecommerce.

However, there is not "detail" option. I've tried item_view and product click but those come in as ec=engagement.


Any idea what I should be using to trigger?  



Google Analytics Product Views Mapping/Trigger

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Silver Contributor vinayreddy

Hi @MichaelG , I think view_item is the correct metric. But why are you checking value in "ec" you should check value in "pa:detail" if you are looking for ecommerce actions. 


ec is event category which is different from what you mapped.