Google analytics.js to gtag.js

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Hi Tealium Team,

I was curious if there was documentation on proper migration from Google Analytics analytics.js library to the new gtag.js one. I'm aware of the seperate documentation, however I was hoping there'd be some assistance with switching from one to the other while taking predefined steps to avoid data loss.

Hope you and/or the communtiy can help!



Google analytics.js to gtag.js

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Hi @jaronb93 ,

The migration to gtag.js can be relatively straightforward depending on your set up. What is important to note is the mapping parameters have changed name, so you need to edit these.

One thing I have seen customers do, is to switch on both the gtag.js version and the old analytics.js version at the same time, but pointing to different GA properties which can help eliminate any data loss fears, until they are satisfied with the migration.

Alternatively our Solutions Engineering team will be happy to assist with your migration, if you raise a ticket we will be able to look into that for you.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions regading the migration.

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Google analytics.js to gtag.js

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Hi @jaronb93 ,

Adding to Corbin's comment. You can get an idea about what has changed from Google side, and how that may affect the tag mapping for GTAG here:

Hope that helps