Google gtag.js Issues (Explanation of the issue and request for Tealium to update)

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After digging through a lot of other posts regarding various issues with the tealium approach the the new gtag formats, I believe I have uncovered the fundamental issue. First, let's look at how this is supposed to work without a tag manager. There are 2 tags that need to be used to track DCM conversions.

A global snippet and an event snippet.

The global snippet should only contain the account IDs for your google products while the event snippet should contain your unique floodlight activity ID. 

The global tag needs to fire first and looks for a "gclid" value and writes a first party cookie of that value (_gcl_aw). The event snippet should then fire and look for that cookie and insert it into the server call. A successful server call looks like this:;dc_pre=CLjF3PvMpt0CFYrGUQod5k0C7w;src=48667848;type=st...;gtm=a8o;gclaw=1111444;gac=UA-109829747-2%3A1111444;


The tealium version does not fire properly because the template is trying to load up a request URL in an iframe when they should only be firing the JS code. The Tealium fire looks like this:;src=16554481;type=test177;cat=test-0;ord=5192024219317...?

This is the old expected behavior and will not function properly. It does not contain the gtm=, gclaw=,gac= and oref= parameters that are assembled by Google as the script runs

I did get the desired result when I just pasted the event snippet JS into a custom container. I pasted the snippet as below:

gtag('event', 'conversion', {
'allow_custom_scripts': true,
'send_to': 'DC-1234567/test177/test787+unique'


The request for Tealium to fix this would be to edit their template to fire as the above snippet while replacing the ID variables as well as adding the data mapping capabilities for the custom parameters. There should be one tag in the marketplace for the Global gtag.js which is an all pages rule for account IDs and a 2nd tag template for event snippets which are just the JS code and do not attempt to assemble a server call. Thanks and I hope this helps someone.



Google gtag.js Issues (Explanation of the issue and request for Tealium to update)

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Community Manager

@gderkatch I know this is an old post, but this issue should now be resolved in the latest version of the Floodlight tag in the marketplace. It does trigger conversion events as you described, by calling  gtag('event', 'conversion', {send_to: "adid/group/activity+method"});

More info: Floodlight (gtag.js) Tag Setup Guide

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