How do I turn off logging for Tealium SDK on iOS?

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I would like to turn off debug logging while the app is being developed. Tealium SDK, by default spews way too much information in the console adding way too much noise to actually track important app level logging.


iOS/Xcode 8 IDE

v5.0 Tealium SDK


How do I turn off logging for Tealium SDK on iOS?

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Community Manager

Hi @neela_annamala,

Thanks for reaching out. By default the log level is tied to the "environment" configuration setting when you initialize Tealium. If you're in "dev" or "qa" you'll get more logging than in "prod". To override this setting you must log into the iQ profile for the app, adjust the log level from the Publish Settings and publish. It sounds like you would prefer the "Silent" setting.


Read more about the Mobile Publish Settings.


Hope that helps!

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