How do I use with SiteCatalyst?

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I'm using the method to fire a button clicked event, the tag gets fired (confirmed using Dev Tools) but my mapped variables are not sent to SiteCatalyst. My Tag mapping looks like this. I need to use SiteCatalyst version H23:
port_code --> eVar8
dest_name --> prop5

My method call looks like this:{
port_code: 'FLL',
dest_code: 'BA',
link_obj: this, /*this = DOM element*/
link_type: 'o',
link_text: 'Track this link'

If I add to my call:

linkTrackVars: 'eVar18,prop5'

it works, but it is just weird that I would have to basically list the mapping already defined in the Tag.

What am I missing?


How do I use with SiteCatalyst?

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Hey Alejandro,

This is the kicker, "I need to use SiteCatalyst version H23." The H23 version of the SiteCatalyst tag does not have the automatic setting of LinkTrackVars and linkTrackEvents. This is why you must set them automatically.

There are a couple other options:
1-Recommended) Update to the latest version. I know you said you need to use H23, but it may be a good idea to reach out to your Adobe rep to see if upgrading is a good idea. H23 is kind of ancient :) so not only are you missing out on Tealium functionality but also Adobe bug fixes and features.

2) Use the attached SiteCatalyst Tag Template. It has all the functionality of the current tag, but still uses the H23.4 SiteCatalyst library. To do this you can follow these steps:

1- When logged in to the UI, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and click on "Manage Templates"
2- Select the SiteCatalyst template from the drop down.
3- Select everything in the current template and save a copy to your local computer (always recommended whenever making updates to templates)
4- Replace everything in the template with what is in the attached text file.
5- Save and Publish

I would definitely save and publish to a dev or staging environment first to test the updated template.

Hope this helps.

How do I use with SiteCatalyst?

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I actually changed my mind and don't want to upload the file here. If you would like, you can comment with your email, and I can send the file directly or you can reach out to your Account Manager and I will send the file through them.



How do I use with SiteCatalyst?

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How can I do to set the link_text dinamically. For example, if I have an with this parameters:{
pageName: "home",

product: "car"


And I do not have the link_text in the parameters of but I want to map the key "product" always in link_text, how could I do?


Thank you in advance!