How to change the name for CONSENTMGR

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I need to change the cookie name for "CONSENTMGR" to a different name. Can you send me the steps to follow.


How to change the name for CONSENTMGR

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Hi @Chathurana 

So this can only be done if you are using v2 of the Consent Manager.

If you make sure you are using the latest version of the cmGeneral template (v2.1.0) and make sure you see this line.

cookieNS: window.utag_cfg_ovrd && window.utag_cfg_ovrd.cmcookiens || "CONSENTMGR",

You can then either change the name of the cookie here, or in a pre-loader extension.

window.utag_cfg_ovrd = window.utag_cfg_ovrd || {};
window.utag_cfg_ovrd.cmcookiens = "<insert name here>";


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