How to put API keys based on the environment?

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I have 3 amplitude projects: 

Prod, QA, Dev

How do I specify which project to use by environment? 

Example: When I'm in Dev mode, I want the tag to use the dev project on Amplitude that has a different API_KEY than the QA and Prod? 


The reason behind this is that I don't want to have rubbish events on my prod project. 

Thanks for the answers. 


How to put API keys based on the environment?

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Hi @Sshuichci

The first thing is to make your API key dynamic, by creating a UDO variable to hold it, and then mapping that into the tag configuration (ideally using a pre-defined mapping that comes as standard with the tag, but I'm not familiar with Amplitude).

Then set that UDO variable based on the environment currently detected. You could use a lookup table or a Set Data Variables extension, but I'll just give the example in pure JS:

if(b["ut.env"] === "prod") b.Amplitude_API_key = "your_production_api_key";
if(b["ut.env"] === "qa") b.Amplitude_API_key = "your_testing_api_key";
if(b["ut.env"] === "dev") b.Amplitude_API_key = "your_development_api_key";

And in theory that should sort you out.. Give me a shout if you need any further detail.

How to put API keys based on the environment?

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@Sshuichci you can also use a lookup table that looks at the URL, or Utag Environment (ut.env) variable, or any other variable that provides a clear distinction. For more info, check out this article: Lookup Tables