How to "Duplicate Tag settings"?

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Can anyone please help me to understand how could I duplicate the tag settings? 

Suppose I have a Tag 1 = Google Analytics (analytics.js) Tag and all his Custom DImensions mapping(other setup as well). Now I want to use the same Custom Dimensions mapping and other setup for a new Tag 2 = Google Analytics 4 tag. How do I do that?

If I copy the Tag 1 it is been a duplicate of Google Analytics (analytics.js) tag and we don't have any option to change the tag template to GA 4 tag (Tag 2).

So If I have suppose 200 Custom Dimensions mapping for Tag 1 then Should I have to add all those 200 CDs mapping to the Tag 2 manually as well? Or is there any other short-cut process do that.

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How to "Duplicate Tag settings"?

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Hi @anik1990 ,

The setup of Universal analytics and GA4 is a bit different. As you know GA4 is event-driven, there is a need to change the way of mapping.

So it is wise to do things newly. 

If still needed, try to raise a ticket in Tealium. The support team can give you the do's and don'ts.




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