How to send data to custom Dimension GA

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Step 1. Create a custom dimension in GA with Name and Scope and hit Create.
For example: In GA - Custom Dimension's Name - Store_Hits
Scope - Hits
After hitting create you get an index number for the GA custom dimension. For this example Index - 1 
Step 2: Then go to your Tealium account. Create a data layer (best practice will be to keep the name of the data layer UDO variable same as GA custom dimension you just created in GA)
Step 3: Then go to Google Universal Analytics Tag (hopefully you have added Google Universal Analytics tag type) in your Tealium Account.
Step 4: Go to Data Mappings in the tag settings and find the data layer you just created with help of 'Select Destination'.
Step 5: Hit 'Add Destination' - Go to mapped tool box dialogue box - click dimensions - select event type as Pageviews - click Apply - the pageview-dimension1 will appear for Data Layer Store_Hits and again click Apply.

You have successfully created GA's custom dimension in Tealium.


After this What I have to do ?


How to send data to custom Dimension GA

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After this What I have to do ?


You have to make sure that the UDO variable is filled with values on the page, @anupama.

I think this is it. You just have to configure the whole tag properly and publish it. 

Tealium will send the value of the variable to Analytics if there is a value.

How to send data to custom Dimension GA

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Hello @anupama,

I presume you need to append the stated tracking ID while doing the configurations in Tag --> GA. Post creation of above cited actions items. Kindly do publish the saved version into DEV and QA and start validate the required Custom Dimension when and where the values to be triggered.

Testing Methodology:
Browser: Chrome
Environment: QA, DEV, PROD
Testing Output: Based on the requirements on Custom Dimension
URL: Client URL
Developer Tools: Press F12 --> Console --> serch for "Collect"

Please do let me know if you need any clarifications on this to proceed further.

Hope this helps!