Implementing Cookie Information (cookie consent)

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I'm looking for critical input and knowledge sharing regarding implementing of Cookie Information (or other similar solutions, such as Cookiebot).

We're in the process of implementing Cookie Information.


We started with the guidelines provided by Cookie Information, basing the load rules on the 'cookie_information_categories' UDO variable.

 The result:

  1. the variable works fine in load rules for the tags firing on the 'view' event
  2. however, it does not seem to work with the 'link' events


As a workaround, I added a 1P Cookie variable, which also stores user's consent. The result:

  1. load rules containing conditions based on the 1P cookie cause the 'view' tags to fire twice (with 2 'view' events in the DB) 
  2. the condition works fine with the 'link' events

Consequently, we use separate triggers for the 'view' events (conditioned on the UDO var) and 'link' events (conditioned on the 1PC var).


Method 1: Why is the 'cookie_information_categories' UDO variable available at 'link' event?

Method 2: Has anyone seen similar behaviour (duplicate 'view' events)? How can you explain it?

Above all, how do you implement cookie consent logic in load rules?