Implementing Google Ads Remarketing Tag in Telium

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Our team is trying to implement our Google Ads conversion tag and our Google Ads Remarketing tag on our website, within Telium.

We initially added two tags - one for a Purchase on our site (Google Ads Conversion Tag, added to Thank You Page only), and then another tag for Remarketing purposes (On All Pages, Excluding Thank You Page). Later on, our Google reps mentioned we could integrate our Google Remarketing Tag our Google Analytics tag. This is new as of last year, and Google is calling it their "Global Tag."

Our conversions in Google Ads are now extremely inflated, saying we've established 1,200 conversions in two days, when in reality we have less than 10. Does anyone know why this could be happening? Difficult to ask Google Help Support when they are not familiar with Telium, only GTM.


Thank yoU!


Implementing Google Ads Remarketing Tag in Telium

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@relhem87 , When you change the tag type of original adwords tag to global tag did you again add 2 tags or is it only 1 tag you are using for both remarketing and conversion?