Impression Tracking for GA (utag.view or

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I am wanting to know if the way our current set up for our impressions is correct - or if there is a way to map it through to GA still.

We are passing the following in a call 

product_impression_brand : abc,
product_impression_category : sale,
product_impression_id : 0001,
product_impression_placement : 11,
product_impression-list: Finder

The data is going through to Tealium, but is not piping out to GA. 

I am checking the current setup for the following:
1) To see if this was set up properly as I have read utag.view might be better implementation here for the GA pipe, and if so, what else needs to be done outside of changing to utag.view? 
2) I was also wondering if there is a way to grab the data that is being passed in the current set up and combine the values in some format and map it to a GA event?

Thanks in advance!


Impression Tracking for GA (utag.view or

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Hi @BErcoline  , Did you also have the event in your call which should be another variable 

'event': 'promoImpression'

If you have this variable in the mapping you need to use this variable to map to the promo_impression event. Then it should work.  


Impression Tracking for GA (utag.view or

Rookie Contributor and utag.view should both work, however, all you're doing in that code is passing it to Tealium. 

What you need to do:

1. In the Tealium UI, add these to the Data Layer section.

2. In extensions, you can create an extension (scoped to your GA tag) that will take those variables and format it however you want.

   - You can use the "Join Data Values" extension.  Just be sure that whatever variable you join the values into is      defined in the data layer and mapped in the Tag.  See #3

3. In your GA tag, make sure you have the correct mappings.  For example, this is where you tell Tealium to take the variable "product_impression_brand" from the Tealium data layer and map it to GA's "page_title" variable.

Impression Tracking for GA (utag.view or

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Hi There, do you have the utag_data values mapped to Enhanced E-Commerce within your GA tag? The "Enh E-Comm: Engagement" category of data mappings would be necessary for the impressions to fire.