Incorrect Adlucent Tag Template

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Inbuilt adlucent tag template is returning incorrect order data .the order level details like shipping and tax are being passed as sku and product id.Attaching the screenshot for reference .I need the template to pass correct order data ,Can you please help on correcting this.

Please let me know so i can provide additional information



image (1).png


Incorrect Adlucent Tag Template

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mvenkatesan Occasional Contributor

Hello @Anonymous,

It looks like a mapping issue to me.

  1. If you are using E-Commerce extension then check the vairable selections in made in that extension.
  2. If you are using direct mapping to override then please make sure to check whether correct UDO variables are mapped to the respective variables.
  3. If above 1 and 2 are correct, then check whether the UDO variables have correct values.

Hope this helps and if its still not working then you need to request the support team to take a look at it.