Integration of Tealium in WeChat Tencent MiniAPP

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Hi everyone,

we need to integrate Tealium in a chinese WeChat Tencent MiniAPP.

We sent to developers the async integration of the Tag Manager but they say that "this solution for H5 is not available in Tencent MiniAPP".

Is it possible to integrate Tealium in a WeChat MiniAPP? Do you know if there are some code restriction? (E.G. on AMP pages)

There is an official documentation about integrate Tealium in a WeChat MiniApp?

Thank you in advance







Integration of Tealium in WeChat Tencent MiniAPP

Tealium Employee

Hi @francesco_barre

I've not got any experience with WeChat but a quick google search shows it can use some Javascript, or at least something very similar to it.   My guess would be that you may possibly be able to use the mobile.html method, similar to some mobile apps, however that is just a guess.   

If you haven't already, I would log a support request so that we can create a ticket to look into it for you in more detail. 

Many thanks

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