Limiting Information Sent via Vendor Tags

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Hi all,

I'm new to Tealium and tag implementation so please bear with me. 

Say I have 3 Vendors that I am advertising with 

Pinterest, Facebook, and Doubleclick

For obvious reasons, each of these vendors need tags on my website but how exactly would I go about limiting when and how these pixels fire. I'm assuming it would be within the load rule section. 

1) I want to make sure that Pinterest tag ONLY fires if the visitor lands on the website as a result of clicking a link or ad on Pinterest.

The same for each Facebook and Doubleclick. 

I don't want facebook to know how much traffic is being driven by Pinterest or Doubleclick. and the other way around. 


How would one go about setting this up correctly. 


Limiting Information Sent via Vendor Tags

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hi @MichaelG 

Welcome to the world of tag implemenation and Tealium. 

The tags will each work in a slightly different way, based on the vendor technology. 

Normally you would not set them up to fire only if they where referred from the respective technolgy. 

Customer will interact with sites in a non linear, multi-device journey. So while the referral might inital come from the platform, the customer may return, entering through other channels or devices, and complete a signal action (conversion) at that point. 

So normally the descision is on which pages the tag should load relevant to the context of the tag tech, site and user interaction. 

Look into the implentation guidelines from the vendor to understand functionality. 

Then look into implementaiton via tealium which is nomarlly well documented, or if not, Tealium customer service are top notch folk and there are some helpful folk in here too ;-) 

If you happen to be at DV London, happy to meet up and have a chat. 



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