Link tracking Extension is not working as expected

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How the Tealium's link tracking extension work, i have visited, but it wasn't of much help.

Please suggest the steps to publish a simple extension for such tracking and also let me know about the sample call structure for such event.



Link tracking Extension is not working as expected

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HI @aditya_united 

The extension outputs the following 4 variables:

  • event_name - This is the value you specify in the Event Name field.
  • link_url - This is the web address that links to a webpage or file (eg "")
  • link_text - This is the text string displayed for the URL. (eg "click here")
  • link_type - "link" or "download" depending on the type
You can then use these to send a tracking call in the Custom Handling section by referencing the "data" object{
"event_name": data.event_name
"link_url": data.link_url,
"link_text": data.link_text,
"link_type": data.link_type