Live Agent chat does not work

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I've added a Salesforce Live Agent tag via the code given that populates all the fields of Tealium's tag template except the Offline Button Src and the chat window dimensions.  On the Web Companion this tag has the status 'OK' but a chat button is not coming up.  

Will appreciate any ideas to implement the Salesforce Live Agent chat button @KristenMeren  can you please get me help for this. Thank you!


Live Agent chat does not work

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Tealium Expert

Hi Sujani,

More than happy to review the issue here. is it possible share the URL of the page where this issue is happening?

Following are few baseline checks that i could recommed:

1) Verify the live chat Tealium IQ tag is being is loading on the pages. You could use Tealium Web Companion tool to verify the tag is loaded on the page.

2) Cross verify the configurations given in Tealium IQ with Salesforce team, to ensure all configurations are correct.

3) Recommend to check on Salesforce team, if configurations from their side is all set to have the chat displayed on the pages. In most type of chats, this is required to have the chat icon displayed on pages.

Just let me know if you need any additional details or questions.



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