Load rule based on specific tag firing

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Hi folks,



I am trying to identify customer groups based on their interaction with our Facebook advertising campaigns. Currently, Facebook does not allow us to pass an order ID or customer ID in their own tag, which makes it difficult to analyse the specifics of the order/customer in our CRM database.


In my head the solution lies in creating a load rule which triggers when our Facebook pixel fires on the order confirmation page; I can then create a Google Analytics event tag which is triggered on this load rule, pulling in the Order ID/Customer ID.


I appreciate that this probably isn't the cleanest solution (if it's even possible), but if anyone could advise on how to go about doing this, or if there is another way it can be done, I would much appreciate it.


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Load rule based on specific tag firing

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Hi @reuben_ariyarat


The first question is, can you clarify if you are using Facebook Conversion Pixel, or Facebook Custom Auidences?

Also, are you on the latest tag for this. As the current tag does allow you to send through order ID, and or customer ID. 

If you need help setting this up, I would reach out to your Account Manager or email support@tealium.com.


With regrds to your propposed solution, I can't see any issues with doing this.

From what you are saying, I would:


  1. Create a load rule on the FB tag
  2. In a scoped JavaScript extension, most likley the last in the list, I would have a call, like this to GA, through Tealium
if ("view" === a){
utag.view({/*event data to track*/}, null, [/*GA UID */]);




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Load rule based on specific tag firing

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Hello @reuben_ariyarat. If you need to submit a support ticket, you can also use this form:



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