Map the click on the button

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I need to create a conversion tag, to detect the click on the "subscribe newsletter" button.


jQuery Selector: button.newsletter-subscription__form__button.theme-bg-color-primary

Primary Selector: #newsletter-subscription-form
I need to map the click by inserting a trigger. But I don't know how to do it, can you help me please?

Map the click on the button

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HI @GeorgeLuan,

 Please dont try to add the script using extension.  Try using Tealium generic tag for custom implementation 

if the required tag is not available in the tag market place.

The tag which you are looking for is available in the tag marketplace named : MediaMath (Adroit Digital).

Then in the extension which you have added, modify the tracking event to 'link' and map to the created UDO variable 'event_name'. Just for an example I have given the condition as 'subscribenewsletter', you can change according to your requirement


In the load rule you can define the condition that tag should fire when the event named subscribenewsletter occurs