Mapping Extensions to Tags

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is there a way to find out in which tag the extensions is implemented? I have the problem, that i have to change the code in the extension but have to make sure, that it still fits to the conditions of the depending tags.

At the moment im looking in every tag, if the extension is included...

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Mapping Extensions to Tags

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Hello @kimj !


If you have a look at the extension within IQ you can see the information about where the tag is "scoped"


Here you are able to see if the extension is scoped to specific tags or not - it sounds like the extension you are referring to, will have this selected as the scope - You will notice there are the names of tags listed below this option, which should mean that you can see any tags the extension will fire with.

The only downside to this view is that the UID of the tag is not displayed, so if you have multiple tags with the same name, it will not be clear which of these tags the extension is scoped to, but it at least narrows this down a bit for you.


I hope this helps, let me know if you need any more pointers.

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