Mapping Kenshoo tag settings dynamically

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I'm setting up a Kenshoo Tag across multiple profiles, therefore I'm looking to create a template as dynamic as possible so I can migrate that template between profiles.

I'd like to map two variables to determine the tag configuration: 1) Kenshoo ID 2) Profile Token.

I've created extension to determine variable values according to the profile the tag is in, as well as a variable to map, but unfortunately I can't find neither KenshooID nor Profile Token in the destination variables under the mapped variables section. In other words, I can't set the variables to map in the tag configuration.

How can I do that? If I create a custom destination, how can I map it to the tag configuration?

Thanks in advance.


Mapping Kenshoo tag settings dynamically

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Is this for the Kenshoo Conversion tag?

If so, it looks like we need to add Kenshoo ID and Profile Token to our mapping toolbox.  I've added this to our update queue.

In the mean time, the tag does support mapping to these parameters if you click the "+ Add Custom Destination" button.

For the Kenshoo ID, the custom destination should be "kid".

For the Profile Token, the custom destination should be "id".

Hope this helps!