Mapping an URL parameter with an Adobe Analytics event

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We are using a querystring parameter variable (SearchTerms) to fire an event whenever this variable is present:


However, sometimes, this querystring value itself can contain parameters. And in that case, our event counter is being taking the numerical value which can be included in it.

For instance, if SearchTerms = then the eVar44 is taking the full value, but the event51 is taking as well the value 7219580126638943 instead of being a counter and being incremented by one.

The result in our analytics data is then completly false:


Can you help on fixing that in Tealium? Is there an easy way to fix it, without creating any JS code based extension?






Mapping an URL parameter with an Adobe Analytics event

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hello @hasnene

In this case do not map the value directly to an event, instead follow the below steps -

  1. create a data layet variable 'sc_events' (this you can be used for all SC events)
  2. using set data values extension
      • Set it to JS Code
      • map sc_events to 'u.addEvent('event51')'
      • scope it to SC Tag
      • use a condition when variable 'SearchTerms' is defined and is populated.


This will take care of it, Hope this helps.