Merging changes when using a shared library

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Our account has several profiles that apply to different domains.  Because much of our tagging infrastructure is similar across the sites, we use a shared library in Tealium iQ to house our common code.  This causes a problem when it's time to promote changes within a profile from dev/qa to prod.  Merging between versions is not available to us apparently because we link to a shared library.  This constraint is touched on here (see "Current version is linked to the library" near the bottom of the page):

My question:  How do others handle this?  Are there known workarounds to help with merging between versions when libraries are linked?

Any input from Tealium on when this merging constraint might be loosened?  Our version management is severely hampered by this limitation.  Even if a solution isn't available now, it would be good to know that Tealium has a path forward.


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Merging changes when using a shared library

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We still don't support that current functionality, but if that is functionality your team would like to see available out-of-the-box, I've included the information about our Product Ideas forum below and we recommend adding a new idea for our Engineering team and other customers to see, as our Engineering team uses this forum to prioritize new features:

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