Migrating Hard Coded Google Analytics to Tealium

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I got GA hardcoded on site which gets populated in UA-XXXXXXXX-1 property of GA. I get 5000 visitors here

I got GA tag through Tealium in Dev/Qa, put  UA-XXXXXXXX-2 as Tracking ID, (will change to -1, while turning to prod) property of GA. The tag is fine and fires, when I change env using env switcher, go on site, it shows in real time report in GA that 1 person is on particular page

Is there a way, I can see my real traffic in UA-XXXXXXXX-2 property while the GA tag is still in Dev/Qa in Tealium?

GA using free acount. using gtag. 


Migrating Hard Coded Google Analytics to Tealium

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Hi @jmm4283777 ,

You can send your real traffic data to 2 properties at the same time. So, you can see your real traffic in UA-XXXXXXXX-2 also.



Migrating Hard Coded Google Analytics to Tealium

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Hi @jmm4283777 ,

The mentioned property UA-XXXXXXXX-2, is only in Dev and stage. When you are using the environment switcher, then you are the only person active in the Dev/stage environment. 

So the GA property will be showing the real time user as 1.