Mobile Library Publishing v5.0 flag configuration

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activating the mobile library 5, there are 3 configuration flags but I have some doubts for these two:


- Tag Management

- Tealium Collect


In my app iOS I include the mobile Tealium Library and the Webtrends tags.

Now for tracking the app events I need to activate the flag "Tag Management"?


Instead, the Tealium Collect is for AudienceStream correct?




Mobile Library Publishing v5.0 flag configuration

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Hi @stefano75 that is correct.


Enable "Tag Management" to manage your tags in Tealium iQ. You can enable the Tealium Collect tag in TiQ if you need to send data to AudienceStream. This will use a webview.


If you are trying not to use the webview, enable "Tealium Collect" to send data directly to AudienceStream, this option will bypass "Tag Management" (no webview).