Modifying tag template to add variables

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Hi all,

I've did a few minor modifications to a template my company is using. To give you a better idea, it's a tracking system with eCommerce functions.

To add extended eCommerce functionality (baskets, product categories, etc.), I've used exisiting variables. That gave me the possibility to map my UDO-variables to those tag specific variables, since they've been already there - as the template was provided in the tag marketplace.

Now I would like to create my own variables, since I guess it will get confusing after a while. For example I've used a parameter that gives me a funnel start indicator and mapped this to a variable called "variant". Lateron in the tag, I've used "variants" as "funnel_start" again to send it to the tag vendor. The downside of this of course is missing code readability.

It would be much better, if I could set up my own variable "funnel_start" - so I can map my funnel start indicator to that and use it in the tag as intended.

Is that possible or would that require a customized tag by Tealium?

Thanks and best regards,