Multi-currency Adobe Analytics

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Hi all


I have an issue with the conversion of currencies. My client have different Adobe Analytics Report Suites like Germany with Euro, France with Euro, Russia with Rubel, UK with Pounds, India with Rupees etc. and they want to have the data in the Multisuite converted in Euro. 

All Reports about the Revenue in the Multisuite are the "sum" of numbers without the conversion of the currency
like 100 Euro + 100 Rubel + 100 yuan + 100 Dollar = 400 euro but they Need 100 Euro + 20 Euro(Rubel converted to Euro) + 50 Euro(Yuan converted to Euro) + 90 Euro(Dollar converted to Euro)

Any lead to solve this issue in Tealium is welcome....




Multi-currency Adobe Analytics

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I would recommend this:


This will allow you to convert the currencies into a common value and then using the output of that mapped to a tag.



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