MultiCDN and response times

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First part of the question is how to know which node or network is delivering our utag files? I know I have read it somewhere but can't find it back.
But more importantly I was wondering how we can measure response times of the utag.js file from our website in a correct way.
I have received a few requests related to performance and load/response times in serving the utag.js. Isolated cases ramped up to multiple seconds before the files were served which gave the wrong impression of this part being sluggish.

Any help on clarifying and proving (reporting) that the response times of calls to utag.js are faster than the 300 millisecond high watermark we have set for ourselves.



MultiCDN and response times

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Hi Jan, you can always check which CDN is currently serving your files by using this URL:

However, this will be different for users in a different location and may change from minute to minute.

We recommend using a third party monitoring service to check the response times so that you have an independent confirmation. Keynote, Compuware (Gomez) and Watchmouse are three well known services. They request the files from their servers and report the response times and you can configure them to alert you if it exceeds a threshold.

We have our own monitoring in place, but if you do spot any slow response times then please contact your account manager who can help to investigate the problem.

MultiCDN and response times

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Hi Fiann,

That was indeed the link I was looking for. Thanks for that.

Indeed a good idea to dive into third party monitoring. I'm sure we have someone in house who can check that out for me.

Thanks for the reply.

Best regards

MultiCDN and response times

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Since the files could be served from any one of our CDNs, checking will tell you which CDN send you that file. Which CDN will serve files to the users of your site will depend on the performance of each CDN in each end user’s geographic region. Our multi-CDN (mCDN) platform takes into consideration several aspects of each CDNs performance in every geographic region. Therefore, the CDN that is preforming well right now might not be the same in 10 minutes. The user might get a different CDN on their next visit because of the changing performance of each CDN over time. It is safe to say your end users will be getting the best preforming CDN in their region.


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