Multiple Bing (UET) Tags use same ID

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Hi all


I want to fire multiple Bing (UET) Tags on our site. If I use the basic configuration without any mappings, things work well. But as soon as I add mappings for ec and ea, all Tags are fired with the same Tag ID. 



- 3 Bing (UET) Tags with their different IDs

- several Set Data Extensions to populate ec and ea on different conditions

- ec and ea is mapped to all three Tags


There seems to be no distinct order which Tag ID is used. Sometimes all three Tags are fired with the ID of Tag 1, sometimes it's ID 2 or 3.


Any ideas on how to fix this problem?





Multiple Bing (UET) Tags use same ID

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Community Manager

@tgepp The Bing tag uses a global array for custom event tracking. When you add multiple instances of the tag to the same page they all end up sharing the same global array, which is why you are seeing that behavior.  You can see the reason for this here, where window.uetq is the global variable used:


How to report custom events with UET 

window.uetq = window.uetq || []; 
({ 'ec':'Event category', 'ea':'Event action', 'el':'Event label', 'ev':'Event value' }); 


It looks like Bing allows you to override the name of this global variable, which would allow you to create multiple instances of the tag on a single page without sharing event data. This logic would have to be changed within the tag template itself. You can create a Support Desk ticket to get help with this if needed.


More info:

Bing - Override UET tag tracking code


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