Multiple Page Load Questions

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Tealium Expert

Hello All - I need some help with controlling various tags in my TiQ profile.


1) if I set a cookie on control a tag from firing multiple times on a certain page, how can I expire that cookie when the URL changes?  

2) how can I tell if TiQ is firing because of a "natural" page load compared to being fired from a utag.view() or call?  


3) is there a way that I can tell that this is the "nth" time TiQ has fired on the current page?  


And, basically, are there variables or cookies within Tealium which I can access to help me determine any of the above?


Use case explanations....

1)  I have a page which fires utag.view multiple times.  I only want to fire certain tags on the first (natural) page view, so I set a cookie no problem.  When I move to the next page, what's the best way to reset the cookie?  How do I know I'm on the next page... setting/reading another cookie?



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Multiple Page Load Questions

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Hi @mitchellt. In the past, I have used the Persist Data Value Extension to create a utag_main cookie that persists the value of query string parameters during a user's session. Then set my marketing automation tool (Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, etc.) to read the utag_main cookie if the individual filled out a form. That might answer part of your question... Let me see about answer the rest of it... 


Well let me ask... did that answer part of your question? Let me know. LOL :-)

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