Multiple tracking server in one Site Catalyst Tag

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is it possible to configure Site Catalyst tag to use two different Tracking Servers?

Keep in mind that we should apply the same business logic on the two servers.

Of course this is possible using two separateTag, but this approach would lead to the creation of two utag.X.js files, and this means anyhow poorest performances.


Any hints on this?





Multiple tracking server in one Site Catalyst Tag

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Sending requests to multiple tracking servers is not a configuration option in our current SiteCatalyst template. Since the tracking server is the first part of the request URL, sending to more than one server would require two seperate tags. If you would like to send the data to two sepearate servers based on certain conditions (like url, page category, page type, etc), you may be able to update the tracking server in the plugins section. If that is an option for you, I suggest contacting your Account Manager.