New "home" after first visit

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On our new marketing website we run a splash-page on our homepage that has basically 3 options, that sends you to a section of the page.

What I want: After selection of preferred section, that selection should be persisted and upon any next visit the user should be redirected to the previously chosen section.

What I tried so far:

Set UDO to text with condition: URL equals (ignore case) ../xxx

Set data value.PNG

Persist Variable UDO, visitor and keep first value set and store in cookie
Persist Data Value.PNG

Javascript code: redirect from ../ to ../xxx with condition cookie contains xxx AND url equals ../
Rdirect by Javascript code.PNG

The UDO gets set correctly, but is never stored in cookie.

Any thoughts?


New "home" after first visit

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Hi @dajo_rodrigo

I am seeing the UDO var and cookie getting set as expected when I visit

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.55.24 AM.png

What I don't see working is the redirect. The issue there is that the logic check of the redirect extension fails:

b['cp.VirtualHome'].toString().toLowerCase().indexOf('particulier'.toLowerCase()) > -1 && b['dom.url'].toString().toLowerCase() == ''.toLowerCase()

It fails because:

"" != ""

Notice their is no trailing slash at the end of the right side.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction.