No evars over evar75 working with Adobe Analytics

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Has anybody encountered this?

Tag SiteCatalyst AppMeasurement for JS, version 1.3.2

I have a variable mapped to two destinations, prop65 and evar78. Both were not populated, no grey checks.

Adobe Analytics never passes evar78.

If I switch to eVar33, it works as expected, server call contains eVar33: [the value], prop65: D=v33.

If I switch to any evar over 75, I only see prop65: [the value]

We need to be able to go over 75. But apparently Tealium is not supporting that?


No evars over evar75 working with Adobe Analytics

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Hi Sean

Unfortunately you are using an AppMeasurement library that does not support evars over 75.  You stated that you are using version 1.3.2.  If you look at Tealium integration documentation for AppMeasurement, you will see that first you need to migrate to a newer library.





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No evars over evar75 working with Adobe Analytics

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Adobe analytics will give up to eVar75 for every account and we need to contact your account manager to extend this privilage. Go to Report Suite --> Edit Settings --> Conversion --> Conversion Variable , here you can able to see your 75 conversion varibles.